Share Your Photo on Instagram for $10!

Share your Primpins photo on Instagram and get a $10 Amazon gift card! It's super easy! Simply take a photo of your Primpins attached to your bedding, and post it on IG with the hashtag #primpins. Then DM us @primpins to let us know about your post.

Photo Guidelines

  • Attach your Primpins to either a corner or edge of your duvet.
  • Make sure your Primpins is in focus and toward the center of your photo.
  • Feel free to include pillows, blankets, and other bedroom props to add style to your photo.

Posting on Instagram

  • Create a post and share your photo on your Instagram profile.
  • Add any caption and tags that you want, but be sure to include the hashtag #primpins.

Your Payment

  • Send us a DM with your email address after your post is live.
  • We will email you a $10 Amazon e-card within 2 business days.


Thank you for participating in our Instagram promo! Please reach out to us if you have any questions.