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Custom Fabric Primpins
Custom Fabric Primpins
Custom Fabric Primpins
Custom Fabric Primpins

Custom Fabric Primpins

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Our Primpins duvet pins can be customized with your very own fabric! Once your order is placed, you will receive an envelope with a prepaid label to send your fabric to us. Your custom Primpins will be ready to ship in 2-3 business days from the date we receive your fabric.

No refunds or exchanges once your custom Primpins are made. See our Custom Primpins page for more details.

Simply attach one Primpin to each corner of your bedding, to keep your comforter from shifting and bunching inside the cover. Attach additional Primpins along the edges of your duvet cover for even more security. Primpins can be used with down or synthetic comforters, and any size bedding - CA King, King, Queen, Full, and Twin. We recommend using additional Primpins for King and CA King beds.

Easy On and Off

Primpins' unique patented design makes them incredibly easy to fasten and remove. No separate magnetic key is required! See detailed instructions.

Low Profile Shape

Our buttons feature a classic low profile shape. Don't settle for awkward clips or bulky mushroom buttons on your bedding.


Each Primpin weighs under 0.25 ounces. Say goodbye to heavy magnets that can hurt and weigh your comforter down.

Thin as a Safety Pin

Our pin measures only 0.8 mm in diameter, about the same as a small size 1 safety pin. Other duvet pins can be as thick as nails.

Matching Fabric Buttons

Each Primpin is double-sided, with matching fabric buttons on both sides.

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